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Easy to Use, WheelieTow - Ships to Australia and International - Compatible with bins worldwide


  • Easy to use, works well. Great for my long drive way.

    Country Queensland
  • I have a very long driveway, I can now get my bins down the roadway quickly and easily just using my quad bike. Such a great time saver for people like me, who have been walking their bins a long distance often in poor weather.

    Sutton Forest, NSW
  • I am a 65 year old who lives in a semi rural area. The driveway is about 120metres long to pull out the wheelie bins. With the double wheelie tow it is a simple matter to pull out the two bins on the way to work. In winter, when it’s dark at night, the morning option is better than poking around a dark driveway at night. In the 3 or 4 months of use there has been no spillage nor any damage to our valued land cruiser.

    Moss Vale, NSW
  • We really enjoy using our wheelie tow because it is strong, convenient, simple and not too expensive.

    Far Meadow, NSW
  • I purchased the wheelie tow for my husband for Christmas. Our pick up is about 300 metres to the roadside via a bitumen drive with a ramp at the gate. We delivered both bins, small and large, to the kerbside and the bins travelled smoothly behind our ute. It saves me having to lift them both on and off the ute. Both my husband and I love the convenience and have recommended the wheelie tow to our friends.

    Tapitallee, NSW
  • I found the wheelie tow a great help. Our driveway is rough and long and it helps us a lot. I think it is a great invention.

    Tara, QLD
  • The wheelietow is simple to put on your vehicle and very easy to tow your bins to wherever you need to put them, it's a great product.

    Milton NSW